On your Business. In your Business.

What can you learn spending time working on your business instead of in your business?


How to:

Run Your Business Like a Business

Ok I could seriously just mic drop here and walk away from this blog but there are more benefits I want to share. Running a business instead of having it run you is a fundamental foundation for success. Step by step we take you through what this looks like and offer ideas of how you can customize it to suit you.

Improve/Create Marketing

At reLaunch we not only cover many different marketing theories throughout our classes, we put those theories into practice. We have recently added our reLaunch Marketing Kitchen. Lights, Camera, Backdrop, Props, Signs and even a Recipe Box (scripts) are all at the ready for you to cook up a complete multi-media marketing campaign in no time.

Dramatically improve efficiency

Ok full disclosure: Evan is a total nerd – the man has cord ties which are color coordinated to match his cords for crying out loud. I have an awareness of things called cord ties BUT I love hanging out with nerds cause they teach me so much! Once you learn to master just a few of the tech tips we share you will be able to save time and money by not driving to the office and handling any real estate task on the fly.

Increase Sales

Over the course of the reLaunch conference a LOT of ideas from business planning, to marketing old and new, to increased knowledge and more are shared; even if you only apply a fraction of what we cover, you WILL increase your sales. Not to mention the amazing statewide network for referrals and built in networking events.

Enjoy work more

When you can run your business like a business, improve your marketing, dramatically improve efficiency and increase your sales… Enjoying your work more is a natural progression.