Motivation is like Sanitation

When you get up in the morning, you brush your teeth everyday. (At least those of us participating in this unspoken social contract sure are hoping you do). You do this to clean your mouth, its good hygiene to keep you from getting sick and then we add the mint so that when others are around us they can enjoy our “air”.

That same daily devotion to your physical hygiene needs to be applied to your emotional hygiene. Lets get really real for a minute: everyday over one million REALTORs® wake up unemployed, then they go out and work with people who are emotionally charge handling large amounts of money and the process of moving – never knowing if they will actually be paid for their time and work until it closes. It takes a toll on us. We work nights and weekends and we need to tend to ourselves and make sure that we’re feeding back into our emotional energy so that we can continue to give it out. We need to stay motivated not only when times are tough but also when times are so-so and especially when they are great.

Believe it or not positive attitudes/energies can clean your presence, have been proven to keep people from getting sick, and the “air” you share after viewing positive/motivational images is one which attracts more positive energy to you.

So run out and get yourself some incense, a small altar, a few crystals and ….

No. Don’t do any of those things – unless you like to do those things.

Different things motivate different people. What motivates you?

An Idea Worth Sharing?

Funny Memes?

Inspirational biographies?

Personal Development?

Demotivational posters?

Whatever it is that lights and relights your fire.. chase it with a match. If you don’t know what it is – find it by trying a few different things. Devote 5-10 minutes at the start of every day to motivation and make it: enjoyable, too easy not to do it, something which ignites you.