If you are a REALTOR® on Facebook chances are you have seen the hashtag #TTYB – Talk to Your Broker. The saying has become so ubiquitous that people shortened it to this hashtag. So what’s all the fuss?

These people are grown adults (on their good days) and they promise they will or already have talked to their broker and are just wondering what everyone else thinks.

Here’s a few reasons why your Broker may think it IS a big deal:

  1. Broker issues cannot be crowd sourced because your Broker may want a more stringent course of action than that which is required by laws, commissioners rules or our Code of Ethics.
  2. Broker assets are on the line. All of them. They rely on your doing a job to their standard of care and on your letting them know when something is brewing before it erupts.
  3. Brokers have access to legal hotline. This is a super power better than the bat phone. Your Broker can pick up the phone and call our brilliant lawyers and get legal advice.
    Legal Advice > Facebook Advice.
  4. Brokers want you to come to them. You may see your Broker as too busy to want to take the time to help you navigate a situation. Brokers are busy – that much is true, however the best Brokers I know are the ones who either truly enjoy helping people through situations or have someone working for them who does. For some Brokers, their most rewarding moments are the ones in which they can enable someone to get further faster.
  5. Brokers cannot help you with a problem you don’t share with them. Listen, I get it; no one wants to be the problem child. Problem with that is – we are all at some point. The sooner you pull your Broker into your dilemma, the sooner they can help you out of it.

Talk to your Broker my friends. Then listen.